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Mary Steiger and Susan Fulton: The Gourmet Girls

Gourmet Girls Making Dreams Come True

Mary Steiger started cooking as a child and by the time she was seven years old, she knew she wanted to be a baker when she grew up. Susan Fulton came from a family with a passion for food and always fantasized about opening a restaurant. The two traveled very different roads until their paths met in Tucson in 2008.

Mary attended the prestigious Scottsdale Culinary Institute, graduating from her class as valedictorian. She worked as a pastry chef in a variety of high end venues, managed several large retail bakeries and owned and operated a Bed and Breakfast Inn. Not so straightforward, Susan’s career path included studying anthropology, working in the business/accounting field and taking time off to live on a small sailboat in Mexico. She always returned to her interest in the culinary field by working in numerous restaurant kitchens and dining rooms.

Mary and Susan met in a business networking group and soon discovered they were kindred spirits who loved creating (and eating!) delicious, healthy foods, and who shared an interest in alternative forms of wellness care. They formed a small catering company and encountered a client who requested a gluten free cake. The pair began researching available products and were challenged to create something better. Thus began an exciting and ongoing journey of experimentation and education for the “girls” as they started creating their own repertoire of recipes while adopting the gluten free lifestyle themselves. 

After selling their wares at local Farmers Markets, Mary and Susan opened their highly anticipated retail Bakery/Bistro, where everything is gluten free. Gourmet Girls baked goods can be found in many local restaurants. Thanks to the support of the community the girls are living their dreams while fulfilling the needs of their guests at the same time. 

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